3 Key Reasons Why the Construction Industry Uses Scaffolding

Scaffolding is a temporary platform that is used to elevate, offer support, and provide materials during a construction process for the repairing or cleaning of a structure. It’s installed prior to construction or starting of maintenance work. So, whatever the size of a building, scaffolding will always be required. This is done to ensure the safety of the workers while the building being maintained or built. Apart from this, It also provides some degree of support to a standing structure during the construction phase.

Below are three key reasons why the construction industry uses scaffolding:

1. Ensures safety
Safety is top most priority at construction sites; using scaffolding, therefore, becomes important for creating a secure workplace for workers who work at heights during the construction of a building. Another advantage of using scaffolding is that it provides a flat and balanced working platform that allows multiple workers to work on a site simultaneously. This really helps in the speedy construction of different structures.Maintaining balance for workers becomes easier with scaffolding equipment; so, the chances of unwarranted accidents goes down. Scaffold also requires handrails on the top platform reducing the chances of injury. These are also important for the safety of pedestrians and public.

2. Easy access

The construction of high-rise buildings is a difficult task because there are many parts to a building, which are difficult to reach for workers because of their position. Scaffolding solves this major problem and workers can focus on their work without any difficulty. They can reach any part of the wall or ceiling of a building within arm’s length. As a small platform of wood, fibreglass, or lightweight metal, it offers the much-needed height to finish a task easily and efficiently.

3. Position advantage

A big advantage of scaffolding is the strategic position it provides to workers. Though ladders are also used for this purpose, they are mounted at an angle and they don’t offer a solid platform that workers can balance. Scaffolding puts workers directly in front of the portions of the wall or ceiling where they need to work. This provides them great leverage. If multiple workers are required to work simultaneously side by side, that’s not possible using ladders.

Final thoughts
By now, it must be clear that scaffolding is a necessary part of the construction industry, whether it’s about erecting high-rise buildings or carrying out the repairs and maintenance of any structure. Scaffolding not only ensures faster completion of construction work, it also guarantees the safety of workers and the public at construction sites. So, make sure you hire a credible scaffolding contractor.