7 Benefits of Building Wraps That You Must Know

Building or renovating homes in Auckland can be tricky. Your structure should be able to withstand extreme temperature swings, especially if it’s going through a longer renovation period. Building wraps, also known as shrink wraps, are used in such a scenario. These are used to cover scaffolding sites as a protective layer and are considered as a good replacement for the traditional, asphalt-treated paper. Building wraps are lightweight and can be applied faster than asphalt-treated papers.

The seven benefits of building wraps are:

1. Temporary Weather Protection
Building wraps come in very handy when wrapping buildings and offering temporary weather protection to them. It also provides continuous membrane protection, which covers all types of cracks and gaps between exterior sheathings.

2. Protection From UV Light
Shrink wraps contain UV inhibitors, which in turn consist of anti-static and flame-retardant additives that make these wraps safer and easier to use in building construction.

3. Moisture Control
Building wraps act as a reliable, weather-resistant barrier in apartments and commercial installations. They prevent rain from seeping into a wall assembly while water vapour passes to the exterior. This prevents the build-up of moisture within stud or cavity walls, thereby further reducing the threat of moulds and mites. This increases the life of a building.

4. Controlling Air Flow

Do you know that moisture buildup mars the insulation characteristic of buildings? Therefore, controlling air passage through the walls of a building is as important as insulation. A building, which leaks air through infiltration or exfiltration, will not be energy efficient. Shrink wraps can help you check the flow of air going in and coming out of a building, thereby lowering the energy costs.

5. Greater Durability
Many building owners are still using asphalt-treated papers, which is heavy and prone to deterioration with sustained exposure to UV light. Its installation and disposal process is also hazardous to health and the environment. Building wraps, on the other hand, are more effective in offering long-time protection to a property.

6. Reducing Unnecessary Delays
With building wraps, interior work can be initiated prior to the completion of final external cladding. This helps address the problem of project overruns and associated costs.

7. Other Benefits

Using building wraps also offers some other benefits:

Versatility: They come in all shapes and sizes.
Sustainability: Their usage leads to less wear and tear.
Easy to recycle: You can remove and recycle building wraps easily.
Professional Appearance: They provide a neat and clean look to scaffolding sites.
Wrapping Up…
Building wraps are now a necessity for construction sites and when you use them once, you’ll never go for traditional wrapping materials again. You can use them around a construction area for providing protection. They offer a much more professional, affordable, and smarter solution than traditional alternatives.