Building Wrap

Shrink wrap offers protection from the weather & keeps the builders building in the winter.

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Shrink wrap offers protection from the weather keeps the builders building in the winter.

Tarpaulins are a thing of the past when it comes to weather-proofing your home or building. All Safe Scaffolding provides homeowners and building contractors a much better alternative. Shrink wrap, also known as building wrap, is the best solution here in Auckland as we can have four seasons in one day. It is very important to keep your home dry while the builders are busy re-cladding. Not only is it water resistant, but it also protects the builders from dangerous UV rays.

Building wrap keeps the builders building in all weather

It is very difficult to provide temporary weather protection or containment around a home or building project over a long period of time. Apartment complexes, commercial buildings and some private home renovations can go on for almost a year. Shrink wrap is the perfect solution. Here is a list of the benefits of shrink or building wrap.

No downtime due to the weather – shrink wrap is water-resistant and protects the crew from damaging UV rays.

Safeguards building site during the renovation or construction project.

No more annoying flapping – because once installed it will not become loose or detach itself from the scaffolding.

Our scaffolding shrink wrap is flame -retardant.

Our shrink wrap can last up to a year during your home refurbishment or building project.

Clients will be impressed once the shrink wrap is removed.

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